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Chris McAllister
United States
(On wolfsshipyard I go by The Lord Of Sins)
The above picture is of me and my wife to be, Kim before her first time on an airplane with my Dad and I. :)

I'm going to college for something to do with science, don't know what yet, likely Astrophysics or Astronomy. So, I love science, history, warfare, science-fiction, umm, basically anything sparks an interest for me.

Most of my art is done now on MS paint, mostly because it's easiest to use for me. But I often use Paint.Net, a free program much like Photoshop, I'm interested in learning Google Sketch up, but haven't had the time lately. The rest of my work is done by hand, I do pencel drawings mostly, some pen, I rarely if ever color.

Current Residence: Michigan
Favourite genre of music: Death Metal
Favourite style of art: Pencil Art
Operating System: Vista
MP3 player of choice: iTunes
Favourite cartoon character: Nathan Explosion
Personal Quote: Go kill somebody weaker then you.
So, I started my first Imperial Guard army. About 10 years ago I used to play wh40k and had a space marines army and a starter Eldar army, then just gave up on it. Now that I've gotten back into it I started reading over the other armies and something hit me. Fuck the Space Marines. They look cool, but their so damned over played! Half the game is played by them and their supposted to be the smallest army! This is partly why I play the Guard. First off, I can relate to them since their human and it's easy to get a handle of their tactics. But it's hard to pit Imperial Guard against anyone without using overwelming numbers, so I find them a challange. More so, if you pit them against the likes of the Space Marines or Necrons and come out on the winning side, that's an even bigger fuck you to em! >:D
Anyway, this is why I started posting pictures of my new army. For those of you who play, I have a single HQ squad with Straken, a master of ordanace, two bodyguards and 4 vets with grenade launchers, mostly for krak grenades. 3 vet squads, first has a sniper, plasma rifle, heavy flamer and missile launcher, lead by Bastonne. Second is 3 snipers and an autocannon lead by Harker and last is the same 3 snipers and auto cannon with a standard sarge with a bolt pistol. For fast I have a single sentenel right now with a plasma cannon and hk missile. For elite, I have 3 ratling snipers (I used standard Cadian models, I hate those stupid space hobbit models, bleh!) and of course, Marbo! :D
Over all, my army is standing around 900-1000 points. Soon I hope to order Storm Troopers. Alot of people don't like the glory boys, but I think their hardcore awesome, in mid-close ranged combat they can easily hold their own against a space marine squad and do more if ya ask me.
For the future, I plan on getting more vet squads and lots of army. Giving my army elite infantry and overwelming armored firepower. In the end, I think that'll kick some serious ass! :D

PS: Fuck the Space Marines!
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